Almost all organisations utilise some intellectual property as a key part of their business. That IP may be as public as a trade mark, as focused as a patent, as everyday as your internal procedures manual, as technical as the formulations emerging from your research lab, or as fundamental as your client list. Critically, different organisations have different IP assets and managing these assets needs to be tailored to the needs of the business.

Without ongoing, comprehensive and responsive IP management, your organisation runs the risk of failing to derive the real value of this investment. In the worst cases, poor IP management turns a quality asset into a significant and unproductive expense. Appropriate IP management, however, must not be a burden on the business and needs to be tailored to be efficient, cost-effective and contributing to business growth.

Whether your business is a single retail store, a manufacturer, a research organisation or a service provider Croft IP can assist you to develop the right IP management practices for today and for the future.