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Finalist Chamber Business Awards 2014

Chamber of Commerce Business Award Finalist 2014Croft IP is proud to be a finalist in the Excellence in New Business category of the Chamber Business Awards 2014

Presentation 4 September

In the evening of 4 September I’ll be presenting to the Women In Business Albury Wodonga Networking Group on the topic, “Why bother with intellectual property?” For more information go to:

Upcoming presentation

In the evening on 9 July, I’ll be speaking at the Beechworth-Wodonga Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Alliance Inner Circle. For details:

Failure to obtain a trademark proves costly

The title for this story on the Smart company website might imply that a big company has abused the intellectual property system. See: Spanish retail giant Zara forces Canberra small business into name change.

The story shows, however, that the multinational acted within its rights and apparently in a consultative manner.

For the small business owner in this instance, there are costs, registering a new name, changing stock, replacing the website, as well as loss of reputation and market recognition (although a television article about the matter may have lessened the adverse consequences). The fact is that the costs could have been avoided if the right steps had been taken at the beginning.

For business owners, small or large, the lesson is clear. Secure your trade mark early – preferably before you start a new venture – to ensure that you have the ability to get on with your business without having others their rights as trademark owners against you.

For advice and help, contact Croft IP today.

What does an IP consultant do?

SPOILER: I can’t get the answer down to 25 words or less.

In establishing Croft IP as an intellectual property consultancy, I had a clear idea of what this business would do for clients.  Nearly 9 years later, the fundamentals remain the same, but the range of activities has broadened to respond to the needs of a diverse range of clients.

Croft IP assists clients to protect, strengthen, build and grow their businesses by managing and using the intellectual property system better.  The work goes beyond a slogan like “turning ideas into assets.”  Croft IP helps clients target investment and use IP assets skilfully to derive a fair return on the investments those assets demand.

Initially, helping clients with deal-making, improvements in intellectual property management, and education about IP were the main activities of Croft IP.  Projects to develop policies and practices at the organisational and even national levels, complemented these main activities.  Over time, other issues emerged in response to the needs of clients.

Without necessarily covering the full range of services, Croft IP helps clients that are asking the question:  “In what ways can this business use the intellectual property system more skilfully in order to improve performance?”

This question starts before deal-making and IP management then extends beyond both of these.  For some clients, the answer requires developing an understanding of the intellectual property in that business and how it can be used to retain and build value and commercial returns.  For others, it’s a matter of reviewing existing IP assets and IP management systems – distinguishing those that fit the company’s strategic goals from those that no longer fit while also identifying any crucial missing pieces.

The work doesn’t stop at identifying the situation.  Croft IP continues to work with clients to specify, schedule and then implement those steps that will improve performance and enhance returns.

As examples, Croft IP can help you prepare and apply for patents, designs and registered trade marks.  Croft IP can audit your IP assets and identify ways to generate new returns on those assets through licensing and sales.  It can help you do those deals.  Croft IP can develop and implement systems to manage existing and future IP assets and create training programs for your workplace so your staff know their responsibilities in relation to IP in your workplace.

Croft IP brings more than 25 years of experience across a range of industries in Australia and overseas.  Kevin Croft has extensive professional networks and works collaboratively and efficiently alongside other professionals, including IP lawyers, and patent and trade mark attorneys, to assist clients in achieving their goals.

As noted, I can’t tell you what an IP consultancy does in a few words.  If you’re wondering how your business can improve performance by using the intellectual property system, contact Croft IP today for an initial discussion.

An IP consultancy in an Australian regional centre

Croft IP is now based in Albury.

The Albury-Wodonga region straddles the border between New South Wales and Victoria and is one of Australia’s most important economic centres outside a State capital.  Within a 100km radius of the cities of Albury and Wodonga is a diverse range of Australian businesses where skilled and creative people are developing new solutions to complex problems.

Croft IP has relocated to work directly with these businesses to help them derive better returns on their IP through skilled, efficient, IP management, but most importantly by identifying and successfully pursuing new commercial opportunities, both in Australia and overseas.

While based in the Albury-Wodonga region, croft ip continues to work with  existing and new clients in Australia and around the world.

Whether you’re in the Albury-Wodonga region, or anywhere else, Croft IP is ready to assist you.  Contact Croft IP today.

What does IP in Australia mean to you?

At Croft IP, we will be discussing a range of issues in coming months, and seeking your feedback.