Croft IP offers clients services across all aspects of IP management and commercialisation and works with clients to help them improve business performance through understanding the relevance of IP to their business; managing their IP effectively and efficiently; and, exploiting their IP assets in a manner that derives maximum value. Across these three principal areas of activity, Croft IP adds value to clients’ businesses providing services that enhance and extend those offered by patent adttorneys and other IP professionals.

A significant challenge for many organisations that are seeking to improve management of their IP portfolio is finding a place to start. Croft IP works with clients to understand the importance of IP in their business and to develop a strategic approach to IP management that focuses on IP as an asset held to protect, strengthen and grow business . In this way, Croft IP develops with each client an efficient, cost-effective, IP management process that builds on existing strengths, addresses gaps and weaknesses, and facilitates return on investment.